Location: South East Alberta

The City of Medicine Hat is a thriving city of approximately 63,018 (2015 Municipal Census) residents. Located in the beautiful South Saskatchewan River Valley, residents enjoy the beauty and peace of the coulees and rolling prairie, which boasts many species of wildlife. Medicine Hat is a community alive with vibrancy and spirit few communities witness. The community enjoys the values that are intrinsically tied to its history and quality of life. Medicine Hat strives to achieve City Council's vision of being "a community of choice" where people come to live, work and play. The City has much to offer residents, visitors and businesses alike. The city boasts an excellent climate, a safe and healthy community, vibrant arts and entertainment, ample recreation and leisure opportunities. The city also hosts a Western Hockey League franchise called the Medicine Hat Tigers.

Educational Partner

Prairie Rose School Division Prairie Rose encompasses a large geographical area (approximately 29,117 sq. kilometers) in southeastern Alberta. It borders Saskatchewan to the East and the United States to the South. Prairie Rose Goals: Learning, Leadership, Relationships (LLR) Prairie Rose School Division aims to carry out its day-to-day operations with three goals in mind: 1. To improve instruction and learning opportunities for students and adults 2. To increase leadership capacity 3. To build positive relationships The 2017-2020 Education Plan and all reporting required documents can be found in the Documents section of the website under Planning: Three Year Education Plan and Results Report. Prairie Rose District Schools Population The Division serves a predominantly rural population of approximately 3,300 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12. A Board of 8 trustees operates 17 Public Schools, 1 Outreach School, 1 Mennonite Alternative School and 17 Hutterite Colony Schools.

The School

Eagle Butte High School serves a wide geographic area, with a mix of three hundred and seventy rural and urban students. Students travel from as far away as Hilda and Schuler to the north, Irvine and Walsh to the east, Elkwater to the south, Seven Persons to the southwest, and Redcliff and Ralston to the northwest. The main junior high feeder schools include Ralston, Redcliff, Seven Persons, Irvine, and Schuler. Student registrations are also received from the city of Medicine Hat. Eagle Butte can accommodate approximately four hundred and fifty students and have a staff of forty-two.

The School

Educational Support

The demanding schedule for our student-athletes requires additional educational support. In addition to the support our students receive from the EBHS teachers and staff, we have developed a pool of resources and supports that allow our student-athletes to learn and excel in a comfortable and accommodating environment. Our educational assistants monitor student grades and progress on a daily basis. This is important to the success of our student-athletes because of the busy schedule the CSSHL presents. This ensures the students do not fall behind in their studies and remain up-to-date on current lessons and assignments. We have a teacher and an educational assistant that work with our student-athletes on a daily basis. The roles and responsibilities of our educational staff go beyond monitoring and tracking assignments. Our staff has been able to build relationships with our students and provide them with the time and resources to work, complete, and excel in their studies. Our educational support also extends to our mandatory study hall every Thursday evening. Study hall takes place at Coulee Collegiate which is located within the Medicine Hat College campus. Coulee Collegiate provides tutoring services and quiet and comfortable work spaces for our students to work on assignments, study for tests, and collaborate with classmates. Many of our student-athletes wish to continue their hockey and academic careers through post secondary education. For that reason, we have developed a SAT preparation program that allows our students to excel on their SATs in preparation for NCAA hockey.

Courses and Planning

The South Alberta Hockey Academy understands that school plays a pivotal role in the future success of our students whether as professionals or as athletes. In North America we are fortunate to have multiple post-secondary paths that allow student-athletes to obtain a degree while still competing at the highest level of hockey possible. In collaboration with each individual student, we implement a roadmap that will prepare them for success and create additional opportunities at the collegiate level, whether this includes hockey or not. The South Alberta Hockey Academy has been fortunate to develop relationships with post-secondary institutions throughout North America which creates pathways and resources for our student-athletes to pursue their future ambitions.

Academic Standards

Our students’ grades are monitored on a daily basis by our education staff. With that, it is required that all student-athletes maintain a high school grade average of 60% or higher. We strive for excellence and believe that academics play an integral role in the future success of our student-athletes. If a student fails to meet these expectations, there will be a discussion between the student and coach to determine the appropriate course of action. In addition to the monitoring of grades, we also monitor attendance. Classroom attendance is critical to the academic success of our student-athletes and is a mandatory requirement for all South Alberta Hockey Academy students.

Alberta Education High School Credits Earned

➼ 5 PE Credits ➼ 5 Fitness Credits ➼ 5 Leadership Credits ➼ 2 Wellness Credits ➼ 25 Credits from Core Courses at EBHS

Residential Life

Billet Process

Our students who need room and board are billeted among a great group of local families. Our billets provide a safe and supportive environment that our student can call home. We have had great success through our billeting program and feel that it has been an integral part of our Academy. We have someone that facilitates the process and ensures that our students are placed in a home they will be comfortable with. This process includes an extensive screening process that ensures the family and student are the right fit for each other. Each billet family goes through a wide-ranging interview and reference check. The student is also asked a series of questions such as if they are okay living with children, pets, etc. This process ensures the student and his or her new billet family will be comfortable with one another.

Roles and Responsibilities within Billet Homes

Billet families must embrace the key roles and responsibilities outlined by the South Alberta Hockey Academy. These roles and responsibilities include: ➊ Making the student-athlete feel at home ➋ Provide a bed and personal space for the student-athlete ➌ Provide healthy and nutritious meals daily ➍ Cooperating and collaborating with academy personnel to ensure program expectations are being met ➎ Help student-athletes learn new skills that will help them succeed on and off the ice We believe that living with a billet family is an opportunity for our student-athletes to learn important life skills that will allow them to succeed in their next stage of life. Although we expect our billet families to take excellent care of our student-athletes, we also expect them to encourage self-sufficiency and independence. Much of our Academy Leadership courses require our students to perform particular projects and tasks around the billet home in an effort to develop important life skills.


Due to the age of U18 Prep hockey, many of our student-athletes are unable to transport themselves to and from school and practice. The South Alberta Hockey Academy provides bus transportation between the Medicine Hat Family Leisure Centre and Eagle Butte High School. In addition to bus transportation, we have successfully organized carpooling systems that allow our students to get to the school or arena with as much flexibility as possible.