Student-Athlete Health

Mental Health

The mental health of our student-athletes is our number one priority. Our personal Mental Performance Professional works with our students on a weekly basis, including individual check-ins and classroom mental skills training. This relationship has become an integral part of the personal and team success our student-athletes have been able to achieve. Through our Mental Performance Professional, our students reflect on personal awareness through HONE Athletics. HONE allows our student-athletes to confidentially record and reflect upon their mental health with our Mental Performance Professional. This has become an invaluable tool in ensuring our students have what they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Strength and Conditioning

Baseline Testing: We will have our athletes complete a series of tests that will be repeated once a month for the duration of the season. Upon analysis of testing results we will work to give each athlete the right training to help him/her accelerate his/her progression in hockey. These tests include: 10-second peak power Wingate and 1-minute average power on bike (Watts/Kg), single leg lateral jump, standing long jump, standing triple jump, pull-ups, wall-sit variation, strict toes bar, push-up variation, standard plank hold. Warm-up: We will work with each athlete on creating a warmup that works for him/her. As former players, we know that warm up is something that needs to be tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences. This isn’t military, this is hockey, and we feel that this is one area where players will have a lot of autonomy once the brief group warm-up has been completed. Workouts: We will focus mainly on the essential in-season physiological aspects to maintain peak performance; legs, core, lungs, and mobility. The majority of the “hard” work will be done far enough away from competition that our athletes will not be hindered by the torn muscle tissue caused by hypertrophy and strength training. Recovery: Our athletes will be doing a lot of active recovery such as low intensity aerobic activity (mainly light jogging and cycling), yoga, and mobility drills. Another integral piece of our recovery programming is the nutrition piece; prior to and after each training session/game we will ensure that athletes are consuming adequate levels of carbohydrates and protein so that he/she can accelerate recovery and maintain optimal performance for the duration of the season.


Schedules vary between the academies. All programming is embedded in the school day. The personal development that each student will receive is listed below.


Personal Development

55 ➼ On-ice Skills and Power Skating Sessions 40 ➼ Leadership Sessions 25 ➼ Hockey Specific Dryland Training Sessions 25 ➼ Academic Ownership and Intervention Sessions 15 ➼ Multi-sport and Movement Sessions 10 ➼ Mindful Student Athlete Sessions 4 ➼ Individualized Student Athlete Mental Wellness Sessions 2 ➼ Parent Sessions on Supporting Young Athletes

Time Management Tools and Resources

Our student-athletes are provided with resources and guidance that will allow them to develop and optimize their time management proficiency. Whether moving on to junior hockey, college, or a professional career, time management is a sought after attribute that will allow individuals to succeed. We have a number of staff that have taken similar paths that our student-athletes wish to follow and are able to pass on knowledge and experiences of time management and the benefits of developing it as a skill. We also incorporate time management into our athletic planning curriculum. This comes as an immediate benefit to our students as we focus on how to balance the priorities of a social life, hockey, and school. In order to succeed in our program, students will be required to learn, develop, and implement their time management skills into their daily lives to meet the athletic and academic demands of the South Alberta Hockey Academy.

Program Cost

The cost for our full 10 month program is listed below. This includes all on-ice, dryland, and classroom sessions as well as jerseys, socks, and dryland apparel. Not included in your tuition are room and board, International Student fees and miscellaneous school fees.

Tuition Fees

The 2020-21 South Alberta Hockey Academy Program Fee is $3150.

My boys are always excited and happy and talking about the academy when they get home. It’s been a very positive experience for sure.

Shaune Harty

Being in the academy has helped 100%. In practice we focus on team needs and systems, but in academy we get to focus on individual skills and individual growth.

Quintin Unreiner

Each day when I get to the rink I am influenced constantly by tremendous leaders. On the ice, in the gym, and in the classroom. Each individual leads and guides me to my best path to success. I am led on the ice to push myself and get better each day. I am led in the gym to go the extra mile to get better, and I’m led in the classroom to keep grinding and working to be the best student-athlete I can possibly be. Without this leadership from these individuals, it would be impossible to reach the next level. I am greatly appreciative of the amount of effort and dedication and leadership that is passed down to me.

Braxton Thronton