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» Billeting is a great way to support our team. Please read through our information and guidelines package prior to submitting your application.

Read through our Billet Information and Guidelines Package


What makes a great billet family?

A caring and supportive family! It can be overwhelming for a player to be so far away from home. A thoughtful billet family appreciates that each player is unique and that communication and mutual understanding take effort. Billet families also serve as authority figures, role models and extended family to their assigned player(s). While hosts receive a monetary honorarium to help off-set some of the costs, the true rewards are in the lasting relationships that are developed..

May a family billet more than one player?

Yes, provided each player has his/her own private bedroom and closet. Two (or more) players can share transportation expenses, and often times provide camaraderie for one another. All of our players fill out a detailed application and must comply with specific guidelines for behavior and academic performance.

Billet family

What is a billet family expected to provide?

We ask that you provide: • A separate, private bedroom furnished much like a dorm room (bed, desk & chair, clothing storage). • Nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and snacks to meet the needs of a high performing youth athlete. • A caring, friendly, and family oriented home atmosphere. • The same guidance and attention you would want for your own children.

What is expected of billeted players?

• Must follow all team and billet family house rules and show respect for other host family members. • Must help keep commonly used areas of the billet home tidy and clean, keep their room clean, assist in preparing and cleaning up from meals and doing their own laundry unless other arrangements are made with the billet family.

Dos and Don'ts of Billeting

Billet Family:

• Establish a set of guidelines early on so the player knows what is expected of them. • Find out what types of foods the player likes to eat and understand the nutritional requirements of an elite athlete. • Understand a player’s practice and game schedule to plan mealtime. • Respect a player’s privacy and need for independence. • Create an open line of communication with the player’s parents. • Make the player feel comfortable, not only in your home but in your community. • Be a good listener if a player is stressed about playing time, team issues, homesickness, etc. • Take an interest in player’s season and go to games whenever possible.


• Know what is expected and acceptable in the billet family’s house. • Be respectful of your new surroundings. After all, you are a guest in someone else’s house. • Don’t take things for granted. Just because something may be acceptable in your own house doesn’t mean it is acceptable with your billet family. • Be willing to participate in family dinner and activities where appropriate. • Serve as a positive role model for younger children in billet family. • Be willing to communicate with billet family. • Don’t take out your problems on the billet family.


April/ May

1. Complete Billet Family Application Form: This provides us information about your family that will help match players to billet families. The Billet Coordinator will arrange a home visit with billet families. If you are accepted as a billet family you will complete your criminal record checks and send them to the Billet Coordinator. Players requiring a billet home will complete their application as they are accepted into our program.


2. Billet Coordinator will begin process to match players to families.

June/ July

3. Families (player and billet) and billet coordinator connect through a zoom interview where questions can be asked. If the billet family feels the player is a good fit for their family, the billet family gets the final decision to host.


4. Players will move into the billet family homes in late August prior to the start of the school year and hockey season.

The Billet Experience

The Collier-Aldag Family

Billeting has been an extremely rewarding opportunity that our family has done for over 7 years. From having athletes that play Minor SEAC AAA, all the way to the Medicine Hat Tigers and South Alberta Hockey Academy. We highly recommend welcoming one into your home, as it is so important to give back to the sport of hockey and is incredible to see their character, and athletic goals develop. Billeting for SAHA has been very easy for our family as the day-to-day routine is consistent. Knowing the mental aspect of hockey can get overwhelming, we are able to be a support system that encourages them to grow as an athlete and character. It is also rewarding in the fact our oldest son is moving away to play Junior, and now knows some standards of how to act, and respect the families home they are welcoming him into! We are so grateful for the families that will welcome our own into! Although our billeting is on a pause, we will forever cherish the experience we have had so far, the families we have met and most of all the kids that have become part of our lives and family!

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